Validating a cashiers check

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If you use a different method to receive payment, review the policy to see if fraud protection is provided.Examining the Check Avoiding Common Scams Community Q&A According to the National Consumer League, a nonprofit organization that helps stop fraud and other consumer misconduct over the United States and abroad, the number one scam reported to their Fraud Center is fake checks.I just left the walmart in Strongsville ohio tried to return 4 packs of bic 3 razor the flex said we do not return razors without receipts i laughed i returned 2 pack 2 days ago for my husband with nothing said so did this policy just kick have been harassed since we started shopping there what can i do about it? Attempted to return it within 30 days of date of purchae, only to learn it had to be returned within 15 days!!!!

But I was told that a 20% restocking fee would be deducted before refunding my money. I purchased a Samsung tablet two days before Christmas for my son. I know one person doesn't make a difference, but thousands would make a difference.If this is really a Walmart policy then it needs to be posted somewhere and not just "understood" as they tried to claim. Now I'm stuck with a lap top that doesn't work that well.I am super angry not only did I forget a bag of stuff late at night which was not located Walmart sold me a tv and will not take back no receipt 300$ also a tablet very slow when it works.well becuse walmart sent the wrong tires to local store i lost my job,they did a refund on my card insted of getting the correct tires.they said nothing about five day for my money to get on my accounnt.

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