Trapezoidal lead screw online dating

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With no coolent and fine dust that gets everywhere (even past the dust collector at times) using a ball screw may be a self defeating thing.A ball screw cover would go a long way in this, but wouldn't be a complete solution.Each time you want to remove the table, you may have to remove the motor. Just in case, I have not ruled out the what looks like the ubiqutous right-hand mounted stepper approach.

Bubba One problem with ballscrews is that due to the very low friction, when using the mill / lathe in manual mode, you have to make sure that the slides are locked.Chris totaly, That is the EXACT reason you don't need hand wheels on a cnc'd machine.I read many threads about the backfeed problem trying to use ballscrews in a manual mode.Hi, this newbie is looking for examples of CNC conversions using a ballscrwew on the X-axis and the stepper mounted on the left side of the table.I anticipate one obvious negative from a left-handed motor design.

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