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Brock was able to convince Amy to join him in a tattoo parlor, after meeting up (at a large mansion's wild party) with tattooed blonde Uta (Finnish model and tat artist Sara Fabel), the sexually-aggressive and seductive mentor of the mysterious, "world famous" tattoo artist involved in the dark arts - known as The Artist (Robert La Sardo).

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I would love to see you two kiss." She threw him out after he called both of them "weak." She was angered by a recurring text message from Ryan: "I can still taste your daughter on my fingers." With intense rage, she hunted him down at his place, punched him and beat him unconscious with a camera tripod, then bound his wrists from the ceiling with handcuffs and sexually tortured him ("I want to send a very clear message that I can and will kill you.") She painfully clipped both of his nipples, and tightly cinched up his leather crotch pouch.By the film's conclusion, Stephanie had been killed by Uta after a botched flaying of her skin, and Kevin was tortured (fate unknown).After she escaped, Kelly was shot in an alleyway by the Artist, and Zala (who was brought to the tattoo parlor by Jesse to have her clitoris pierced) was also captured and later tortured.Daniel Baldwin (only 10 years older than Carpenter) co-starred as Michelle's father Walter, the head of the real estate firm where she worked.The film reached a turning point when Michelle found Ryan wasabout to have rapist sex with another Internet hookup - her own tied-up underage daughter Dara (Morgan Obenreder) in her own home and bed.

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