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During that time, Betty has the realization that no man could ever replace Bradley and even more so when she finds out that he’s in the hospital.Charlie asks Ava about the number of pills Bradley had taken, and she admits that she had created the whole incident in an attempt to bring her parents together.Creator Says Hollywood Sexism Got Her Fired When asked about the possibility of rebooting the popular six-season series that followed the lives of Manhattan's elite, the 29-year-old said she'd be open to bringing back Serena van der Woodsen "if it was good" and "if it made sense." Spotted: us losing our shit!The actress explained: Filed under: Avril Lavigne • Lindsay Lohan • Justin Timberlake • Paula Abdul • Adam Sandler • Milo Ventimiglia • Ryan Cabrera • Justin Long • Jude Law • Ryan Gosling • Chace Crawford • Raven Symone • Michelle Williams • Ewan Mc Gregor • Penn Badgley • Ed Westwick • Jonah Hill • Dominic Cooper • Photos!While stars usually have these posh pads all to themselves, plenty of celebrities used to have to share their space with a friend… For example, did you know that Lindsay Lohan and Raven Symoné used to be roommates?!

When Charlie and Bradley meet up with Gerber at a bar, the trio winds up at a strip club and spend the night becoming incredibly intoxicated.Charlie goes to find Ava who is at her parent’s party.They meet after Ava has the realization that it’s her own fault for the way their marriage is and wanted to apologize.When they get home to find Ava with her mother, Bradley tells Betty that she can leave because he’s going to marry a hot, young girl from Europe, something he had heard Gerber say.Ava scolds Charlie for his behavior and ruining her plan which then leads to him complaining about their sex life.

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