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Harley Wilkes, to work with him at his small practice in Bluebell, Alabama.

Zoe arrives in this small Gulf Coast town only to find that Harley has passed away and left his half of the medical practice to her in his will.

First Wade cheated on Zoe, and then Zoe left town and got a new boyfriend, and then Wade dated Zoe's cousin..seemed like these two star-crossed lovers would never find the right timing to get back together.

As soon as one opened up to the idea, the other was not, and then vice versa.

Tim Matheson guest [...] (More)Hoping it might help the residents of Bluebell accept her as one of their own, Zoe Hart (Rachel Bilson) agrees to join Mayor Lavon Hayes (Cress Williams) on his float during the Founder's Day Parade, but, unfortunately, accidentally crashing the float doesn't exactly help Zoe win over Lemon Breeland (Jaime King) and the residents of Bluebell.But all that patience is about to pay off, because season four of the CW's southern rom-com is going to focus heavily on Zoe and Wade's relationship!As Zoe professed her love to Wade in the season three finale, Wade may have rejected her proposal of starting over, but executive producer Leila Gerstein told us that Zoe is not going to give up on the love of her life."When Zoe sets her mind to something, she is not about to let it go," Gerstein said.She's going to try to make a grand romantic gesture and when that doesn't work, she tries to seduce him."Yeah, you read that right!"After all this time where it's been Wade going after Zoe, it's really satisfying and good to see that position switched and see Zoe having to fight for Wade," Gerstein said.

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