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Should you pass away, your relatives can obtain a Z143 form from your employer, their nearest GEPF Regional Office, or on this website.

Alternatively, they can contact the toll-free Call Centre (0800 117 669) for more information. A: Actuarial Interest is the value of your accrued benefits in the Fund. Please refer to the Member Guide booklet for the formulae and look out for articles dealing with this issue.

They will submit a written request, after completing a Z215 form (Application to Purchase Service), to GEPF.

A: In a pension fund, at least two thirds of the final benefit must be paid as a pension for the rest of the pensioners’ life.Am I going to receive my whole gratuity or only part thereof? Q: If I were to be medically boarded, how do I go about claiming my benefits?A: You would need to contact your employer before contacting GEPF.Q: I would like to know how much I have accumulated since I joined GEPF and, added to this, the value of my employer's contributions?A: The accumulated value of contributions made by yourself and your employer are not indicative of the benefits that you will receive.

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