Filemaker total record count not updating

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Sort the records by a given field, such as the phone number, and use the Get Nth Record function to look back at the previous record's phone number to compare.

If it is a match, you can take whatever action is appropriate (delete, mark as dupe, etc.).

In this section, our goal is to illustrate how critical the hardware and network configuration is to the optimal performance of your File Maker Solution.

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For example: A client of mine has an environment monitor that monitors temperature in a manufacturing facility to make sure it doesn’t get too warm for either people or machines.

File Maker has extremely functional charts, but one tricky part I’ve found is making the x-axis display in an appealing format.

The values along the x-axis can overlap If you have a lot of records.

A more modern alternative to spinning magnetic disks are Solid State Drives (SSD), a semiconductor based storage.

SSD storage has advantages over traditional media such as low read latency and consistent read performance.

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