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Guest stars: Blake Clark as Chet Hunter, Shareen Mitchell as Virna Hunter, Jen Campbell as Lonnie, Mickey Jones as Ezekial, Kevin West as Wally, Andrew Bilgore as Edgar, Willie Garson as Mervyn, Sean Babb as Doug, Marcus Toji as Kid #1 Absent: Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews Eric has been having bad luck dating, so he says that he is attending Harvard so that he can appear on MTV's Singled Out.Meanwhile, Cory must undergo an operation, but when he listens to a rumor that Shawn tells him about, he begins to worry that he'll vanish from the operating room.

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Absent: Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews Frankie seeks Cory and Shawn's help to earn the love of his father, Vader when Vader wrestles Jake "The Snake" Roberts at a World Wrestling Federation house show.Guest stars: Chris Hardwick as himself, John O'Hurley as Grant, Bridget Flanery as Lisa, Karen Lynn Scott as Donna, Leah Fisher as Contestant #1, Jennifer Leigh Edwards as Contestant #2, Gail Boggs as Nurse, Jon Ernst as Pianoboy, Tami Heide as Tami Absent: Lindsay Ridgeway as Morgan Matthews, Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr.Jonathan Turner When Cory discovers that attractive Claire has been sleeping over at Shawn's place, he jumps to the obvious conclusion, especially when Shawn swears him to secrecy.But Cory learns that they have a much more serious, much more dangerous problem — her father is abusing her.Guest star: Ariana Richards as Claire Ferguson Note: Anthony Tyler Quinn as Mr.

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