Dating my spouse

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He only cared about being on a team with me, whereas I was just looking for the best possible outcome for myself.This idea of unity and oneness was harder to grow into than I would have expected.Rewiring my problem-solving into collaborative rather than defensive strategies has been helpful here.Two are better than one (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10), especially in marriage.My husband and I share each other's Christian faith, but what I hadn't fully thought through was how we'd need to uplift each other in our day-to-day hardships, push each other to new heights of wisdom and scriptural study, and pray with each other.How to prepare for this before marriage: Working on this aspect outside of a romantic relationship looks like sharing my heart and my Christian walk with close friends as well as praying for and encouraging each other.Habits like this must be broken, even if you're not seriously dating someone.

An addiction to pornography is devastating when you lock the door with your spouse and realize you've brought images of other people into the bed with you.It dawned on me a few years later when I heard a wise man mention a spouse checklist (). There's still plenty of room to add more ways to grow as a spouse.He suggested a list of requirements to prepare myself to be the person I knew my spouse would need. Also, for any given couple, some things will come easily in the relationship, and some will feel unnatural or even impossible.How to prepare for this before marriage: It's fairly simple to build a list of ways to serve my friends, too.Thinking over my friends' and family's needs and preferences, then keeping track of them in lists or reminders, then offering these things to them is a way to keep my brain and heart inclined toward serving (i.e.

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