Dating for jehovahs witnesses

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But the worst sin of all is vocal rejection of the JW dogma, or apostasy.While Witnesses frequently forgive sins ranging from “fornication” to murder and child molestation, welcoming such persons back into the fold, even from prison – an apostate of this religion will be ultra-shunned.I believe that the movie Apostasy shows these facts well.The Jehovah’s Witness community is shown to be one of friends who have fun gatherings, work together in their businesses and even share baked goods at the Kingdom Hall – all while they are dealing with the crushing mental burdens of their beliefs.

It isn’t often that movies or television shows deal with the subject of Jehovah’s Witnesses, and I was interested in seeing what information would be covered.

Having rigid rules probably stopped me from gambling, taking drugs, drinking too much alcohol or having premarital sex.

It wouldn’t work for everyone, as we all respond differently to situations, but it did work for me for a long time.

The protagonist of the film had a blood transfusion forced upon her at birth.

This situation was dealt with well, although I would say that it is just a small minority of Jehovah’s Witnesses that ever really have to deal with that issue.

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