Dad with shared custody dating

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The lyrics are: 'I don't know how it feels to be you, though I try my best to understand what you're going through, I don't know how it feels to be you. After enjoying plenty of success, Thicke became a real-deal household name with the 2013 single "Blurred Lines," his smash-hit, song-of-the-summer collaboration with Pharrell off of Robin's album of the same name—and yet another song inspired by Patton."I don't think people got it," he told BBC's Newsbeat when asked about what were criticized by some as sexist or even misogynist lyrics. And I know she wants it because we've been together for 20 years."It was around then that he and Patton went from a generally interesting couple to a couple under the microscope, particularly when Thicke's public (and party) appearances multiplied exponentially—the "Blurred Lines" furor reaching fever pitch after Thicke's now infamous performance with Miley Cyrus at the 2013 MTV Video Music Awards.(Yes, Robin Thicke was there, too.)"It's just so funny because when I saw him perform I was like, 'You guys killed it!Thicke told Howard Stern in 2013 that Paula didn't want to take him to her prom because she was involved in black student activism and he was...."The funny thing is, in high school she didn't take me to prom because she didn't want everyone to know she was with a white dude because she was president of the Black Student Union," the artist recalled. Though they were one of the few longtime couples to have the usual "and then we broke up for a hot second" story, or any other widely told tale of being off-and-on for any length of time aside from when they were teenagers, their relationship had its own growing pains. He was like, 'Come on over, see what's going on.' But the best part was, he said, 'You really do love me.' And I said, 'I do.Years later, Patton told a story about becoming so convinced that Thicke was cheating on her that she drove to his house and hid outside in the bushes trying to get a glimpse of any shenanigans going on inside."I was a bit of a crazy-in-love girlfriend and I remember, way before we were married, having this suspicion about him," she recalled. The best part was that I was wrong."He caught me outside, he goes, 'I can see you,' like it was hilarious. Maybe a little crazy.' He's like, 'That's OK, I'm a little crazy too.'"Wouldn't you know, celebrities at their not-finest moments are just like us at our not-finest moments.

If your best friend and her boyfriend could break up and make up eight times in a year in the midst of their perfectly ordinary lives, think how wild it can get for celebrities with money to burn, more chances to torpedo mutual trust and endless resources with which to stage grand "I'm sorry, please forgive me" gestures.

"It's ridiculous."She also described Thicke as being incredibly attentive and romantic—and during the interview, she even received a delivery of flowers he had sent."He makes me feel beautiful," Patton gushed to the magazine.

"That's the best thing about having a partner—there is someone to tell you, 'Stop it. ' Of course, he can't say anything else—he's been trained."The actress credited her husband with helping her through a personal rough patch in around 2008, when she was feeling low between movies and then, thanks to her dress hanging a certain way, she was the subject of pregnancy rumors.

Go have a good time, see you when you get home.'", did hit No. Patton starred in the video for "Lost Without U," when he wrote when he was going N"through an insecure period and wanted my lady to tell me how fabulous and how sexy and how wonderful I am," Thicke told MTV.

Meanwhile, he and Patton had married on June 11, 2005; they welcomed son Julian on April 6, 2010."He's so proud of himself," Patton joked about her husband to Women's Health when she was pregnant.

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