Create dating site with wordpress

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Locate the code that shows the post’s date and time in your theme files (usually in or single.php).Next replace it with this code: We hope this article helped you learn how to back date Word Press posts.On the other hand, choosing a date and time in the past will update the date and change the post’s position in your site’s archive pages.For example if you change the month of a post from June to January, then it will appear on the January’s monthly archive page even if you just published that post.You may also want to see our guide on how to display relative dates in Word Press.If you liked this article, then please subscribe to our You Tube Channel for Word Press video tutorials.

Some users believe that they should remove dates altogether from their blogs to trick search engines into believing that their content is not time-sensitive and is always fresh. It does not help with your site’s SEO, and it’s terrible for user experience.

comfortable with Word Press, an FTP client, a text editor, and of course, code.

If that strikes you as overkill or if you find that intimidating, you’re not alone.

The post will also appear accordingly on the all posts list page in the admin area.

This is particularly useful when you want to publish an article, but don’t want it to appear on the front page of your site.

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