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If not, it's still a great place to surf around and relive some memories!"Tony, nobody owes you classic rock at all, or any form of nostalgia to begin with.Unfortunately, however, because of the nature of the database used on the old website, accessing the archives can be a bit tricky.Below is a link to the first chart (chart=1) entry of 5/27/57:

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As for losing a radio station, you think that you have it bad?The listeners and DJ's at CKLN radio have had their formats and shows forcibly pulled off of the air by the unelected student body at Ryerson, and that station was a 1000 times better that 1050 CHUM.I only recently discovered access to old chart information. I also picked up through 1976-1977 a copy each week of the larger store chart (Eaton's) until my supplier found it too much trouble to save them for me.We appreciate that you have been a loyal listener to 1050 CHUM and hope that you will continue to tune into the station for your local news, weather and traffic updates now that the station has changed its format. Im not surprised, CTV has always come off as arrogant, and as much as people seems to dislike Rogers because they are a monopoly of sorts, i still prefer them to the arrogance of CTV/Globemedia.CHUM Radio has made the decision to change the format to an all-news station – CP24 Radio 1050 – in an effort to provide Torontonians with more local news. Feedback from our listeners is extremely important to us." Yeah, right. I replied to this email but have not received a response. CP24 has never been the same since it was taken over by CTV! Seriously - how hard would it have been to incorporate a link?

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