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This confirms Tech Crunch’s scoops from January that Facebook was working with chatbot developers, and last week that a program for automated agents would launch at F8.

[Update: the official name for the platform is “bots on Messenger” not “agents on Messenger,” which was a previous codename.] Facebook announced a slew of chatbot partnerships with developers who got early access, like 1-800-Flowers, so you can order flowers by just sending its Messenger bot a friend’s name.

They will be able to respond with structured messages that include images, links and call to action buttons.

Both could allow bots to push people to buy products to recoup the ad costs.

Facebook sure isn’t the only chatbot game in town, but because of Messenger’s 900 million user reach, its vast connections with advertisers and a healthy developer ecosystem built over years, it might provide the most attractive platform on which to run them.

These functions are usually provided by scripts, often written in a scripting programming language such as Tcl or Perl by the bot's users.

Channels dedicated to file sharing often use XDCC bots to distribute their files.

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