Bo derek dating 2018

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"Being transparent and honest [with yourself and others is] really [the only way to] overcome something like that."Adds Hartley, "It's a life-long struggle. While it remains to be seen if Kevin has a future with ex-wife Sophie, Hartley played coy but noted that "you'll be seeing her again." Still, Sophie isn't the only woman in Kevin's life that he'll need to work on repairing a relationship with.

His sister-in-law Beth isn't quite ready to forgive him after he unknowingly drove under the influence with her daughter in the backseat of his car.

The hardest moments for me are where I personally have to hold my emotion in.

When Jack opens up about his drinking problem [to Kate]...

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"You can’t pick up that momentum [if you stop at any point when filming], so we just did take after take all the way through," Hartley explains.

rang in 2018 with quite the emotional episode—but would you expect anything less?

(Read our recap here for a full breakdown.) For the actors, it was just as intense IRL.

"There is going to be a tension there until [they really sit down to talk things out], Susan Kelechi Watson tells us.

"It’s not like she hasn’t had tension with him before, but this was definitely a lot more serious.

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